Corps of Discovery

Doctor Wize

Dance, Drum & Bass, & Jungle to get the mind and body moving.

This album was originally released in 1998. The vocals one Ou Nichez Vous is by Sarah (Czara) & Martha Younger. Vocals on Blouse and Skirt by Master Gong. Vocice on Eye Opener by Czara. Vocals on Chromium Jungle and With You by Peggy Powers (Angel). Trumpet on Ou Nichez Vous and Azure Horizons by Imir Weise. Additional drumming on Shiva Plays by Raul Arellano (Ra).


Ou Nichez Vous: Ou Nichez Vous? Desape! J’ai Joie Regardez. (Where do you hang out? Strip! I’m Coming. Look)

Blouse &. Skirt (vocals and additional lyrics by Master Gong): Nothing nah go on, to blouse and skirt. People now-a days, me say, them don’t have no worth.(x2). We are faced with a world revolution. Reality: and not science fiction. Killing people is an everyday action. What you gonna say if they kill another one? No forgiveness from the almighty one!Say, the world don’t know, full of confusion. East, west, north, and south; on every land. We feel anger, for to kill someone. Them kill off them entire generation. No one to carry the paper with arguments there. Who’s last to laugh, with no more to breed? Enough of them wicked ones. Enough people greed. And so me sing say: Nothing nah go on, to blouse and skirt. People now-a-days, me say, them don’t have no worth.

Chromium Jungle: Welcome to the Chromium Jungle. We hope you enjoy your stay. Warm and silvery light, tinsel like trees. Invites you to stay, stay with me please! Or take me away on your gentle breeze. Such a lovely day, this chromium land. Jungle today, holding my hand. Oh, don’t say you’re bored, leaving the band. Your data is stored in circuits of sand.

With You: While driving or laughing, or sleeping, or screwing, I’m always with you, I’m always with you. While eating or talking, or drinking, or walking, I’m always with you, I’m always with you. While riding or surfing, or gaming, or flying, I’m always with you, I’m always with you.

Sleep Disturbed: Sleep disturbed by a desire to party (x2) Go to the club , saying “oh, I’ll leave early.” See a sweetie, “Come and dance with me.” The more we dance, the more I get horny, sleep disturbed by a desire to party. Much too late, may as well go home. Next day at work is time spent in ozone. Can’t get by with 3 hours of prone. Sleep disturbed by desire to party. Night comes and even though drained, nerves raw and frayed in the brain. To loud music, strobe lights; going back again. Sleep disturbed by a desire to party. This yearning that stresses my system. Action junkie, excitement victim. Like coolant leaking from a running engine. Sleep disturbed by desire to party.

Shiva Plays (N. Douglas- from “Mountain Ecstasy”, Dragon’s Dream Ltd): Shiva Plays (x4). In the mind, Lord Shiva plays. His ground is fantasy and imagination. All around him yonis sport. Drunk with love, they fly away. A magic spell, a dream, lightening, an echo. Shiva Plays (x4). Drunk with love, they fly away.

Dennis Weise (a/k/a Doctor Wize), is an accomplished musician, composer, keyboardist and vocalist. He studied music at Trinity College under the illustrious modern-classical composer, Samuel Barber. He later earned a Doctorate at the United States International University in San Diego (now known as Alliant University). When not performing, Dennis is a practicing psychologist.

Dennis performed with Bill Laswell’s band in New York City in 1978, which later became known as Material. That band recorded with jazz giant, Herbie Hancock, on “Rock-It”, Columbia Records best selling extended play single at the time. He also performed with the progressive European band, Gong, while touring in NYC. He is also an accomplished studio musician. He recorded with Wailers band members in the famed Tuff Gong studio in Jamaica in 1982.

Dennis has produced and independently distributed two solo albums (“Valhalla” in 1979 and “Consciousness Program” in 1980) and recorded original music for the “Eurock: American Music Compilation” album (1982) that also featured Eddie Jobson of Roxy Music. His first ambient CD entitled, “Towards the One” was released in 1995, and has been distributed in the U.S. through Valley Recordings, formerly DNA Distribution and through catalog sales to the world with Eurock and Backroads distributors. The follow up 1998 CD release “Corps of Discovery” was also the name of Dennis’ band. Under the name Corps of Discovery, Dennis released “Anima Manna” in 2000. He released “Space Station Delta” in 2006, “A Warm Glow” in 2010. He also released “Chakras Meditation” (with Mimi Moyer) in 2012. While Dennis’ earlier work tended towards ambient electronica, the influence of dance music can be seen in his later work. Dennis has numerous unreleased works.

Dennis’ music has been featured on the web site “SerLive”, an online booking and management company for sports clubs, the promotional video for the psychologist Jon Connelly, and on the photography website “PY Photography”.

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