Three in One and One in Three

Doctor Wize

Electronica with some grooves for uplift the body and mind.

Recorded between 1987 and 1992, I finally have gotten around to publishing this album. At the time I made music videos for two songs from the album, "All Systems Go", and "Study Carefully", After putting these on YouTube several people have asked for more material from this phase of my life. Having dance and rock rhythms throughout, the lyrics are philosophical in content. The range of inspiration included the 19th century mystic Aleister Crowley, to Tai Chi, to the Indian Epic, the Mahabharata. Czara (Sarah Younger) is featured doing vocals on many of the tracks. I hope you enjoy listening to this as much as I have over the years.

Here are the lyrics:

1: Yin & Yang- (The Essence of Tai Chi) 1990 Safe and Balanced, our movement like cars, spinning wheels. Turning and yielding is responding. Heavy weight slows your progress; stagnant, stagnant.

You study for many years and you feel confident, But you still loose to your opponent. For the mind and the body are too heavy (x2)

To become less stagnant, you must know yin & yang (x2) Yin & yang move and spin each other.

2: In The Groove- 1989 As the earth gives birth to the sun, a new day has began. Life giving us a fresh start, are we together or apart. (Just rock) With you in this passionate furnace. (Just rock) Love's fire, our happiness. (In the groove) It's a game of give and take. (In the groove) Don't allow my heart to break.

(Just rock) As the earth swallows the sun, Satisfied, our task is done. (In the groove) Shadows dancing through the night. (In the groove) Grateful for the faded light. Secure in the understanding, there will come a new beginning. When one starts the other ends. If not lovers, at least be friends.

3: All Systems Go-1990 Get ready for the show. All systems go.

4: Babylon's 3rd. Battle And Fall- (Adapted from the Mahabrata) 1990 Gods and mortals watched the contest, And the heroes of the war. Babylon speeding on his chariot, Jah Jah on the heavenly car. And a fiercer form the Warriors, In their fiery frenzy wore, And a deeper weight of hatred On their anguished bosoms bore. Clouds of dread and death-full arrows Hid the radiant face of sky. Darker grew the day of combat, Fiercer grew the contest high. Pierced by Babylon's pointed weapons, Bleeding Jah Jah owned no pain. Jah Jah's arrows keen and piercing, Sought his foeman's life in vain. Long the dubious battle lasted, And with wilder fury fraught. Wounded, faint, and still unyielding, On with wrath the rivals fought. Pike and club and mace and trident, Sprang from Babylon's vengeful hand. Spear and arrow Jah Jah wielded, And his bright and flaming brand. Long the dubious battle lasted, Shook the ocean, hill, and dale. Winds were hushed in voiceless terror, And the livid sun was pale. Wrapped in smoke and flaming flashes, Speeding from the circled bow, Pierced the iron heart of Babylon, Lain the lifeless hero low, And a cry of pain and terror, From Babylon's ranks arose. And a shout from Jah Jah's children, As they struck their fleeing foes. Heavenly flowers and rain descended, On the red and gory plain. And from unseen harps and trumpets, Was a soft celestial strain.

And the ocean heaved in gladness, Brighter shone the sunlit sky. Soft and cool the gentle horses, Through the forests murmured by. Sweeter scent and fragrant odors, Wafted from celestial trees. Fell upon the earth and ocean, Rode upon the laden breeze. Was a blessing from the bright sky, Fell on Jah Jah's valiant son. Champion of the true and righteous, Now thy noble task is done.

5: The Mild Maiden- (Alister Crowley poem) 1991 Foul is the robber's stronghold, filled with hate (x2) Thief strangling thief, and mate at war with mate. Fronting wild raiders, all forlorn to fate (x2). There is nor health nor happiness therein. Manhood is cowardess, and virtue sin (x2). Intolerable blackness hems it in.

Not hells heart has so noxious a shade, Yet harmless, and unharmed, and undismayed, Pines in her prison, an unsullied maid.

Penned by the master Mage to his desire, She baffles his seductions and his ire. Praying god's all annihilating fire.

The lord of hosts gave ear unto her song. The lord of hosts waxed wrathful at her wrong. He loosed the hound of heaven from it's throng.

Violent and vivid smote the levin flash, Once the tower rocked and cracked beneath its lash. Caught inextinguishable fire, was ash.

But that same fire that quelled the robber's strife, And struck each being out of lust and life, Left the mild maiden a rejoicing wife.

6: Study Carefully- (The Essence of Tai Chi) Study carefully (x3) Extending and contracting, Opening and closing, Are they natural (x2). To enter my door and be shown the way, Have you been taught? Perfecting skill by practice. Developing technique by study. Let's talk about the body, and its function, Who sets the standard? Who sets the standard?

My bones and muscles are my kingdom, But my mind and breath are my glory, Are my glory.

Study carefully.

7: It Is Darkness (featuring Czara) 1992 Blown off course by emotions, Ship tossed by the ocean, No sign of the port. Drifting without hope. Don't you know it is darkness.

As the senses bring desire, quiet mind will inspire, A beacon to it's source, Wayward ship to the port. Ruled by cravings, think it's happiness, You should know it is darkness.

8: Strength & Tyrrany (The Essence of Tai Chi) (1992) So we see it, a large forceful body Is deflected by something tiny. Strength & Tyrrany with no technique and harmony, Does not assure victory.

How amazing, an old person Defeating several young people. Just being fast without learning from the past, Doesn't mean you will last.

So we see it, a large forceful body Is deflected by something tiny Strength & Tyrrany with no technique and harmony, Does not assure victory.

Strength & Tyrrany with no technique and harmony, Does not assure victory. (x2)

9: Three In One (Alister Crowley poem) 1987 Sulphur, Salt, and Mercury, Which is the master of the three. Salt is lady of the sea. Lord of air is Mercury. Now by god's grace here is salt, Fixed beneath the violet vault. Now by god's love purge it through, With our right hermetic dew. Now by god wherein we trust, Be our sophic salt combust. Then at last the I shall see, Three in one and one in three. Sulphur, Salt, and Mercury, Crowned by heavenly alchemy. To the one who sent the seven, Glory in the highest heaven. Sulphur, Salt, and Mercury, Which is the master of three. To the seven who are the ten, Glory on earth, Amen.

10: Final Hallucinogenic Moments (1996)

Dennis February 2016

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