1. Mount Meru

From the recording A Warm Glow


The sun rises behind the mighty face
of mount meru.
Here at the center of the universe,
the creative elements play.
The glare of light as the snow reflects the morning sun
is overwhelming.
Everything rejoices in the dawn of life.
In the mind's eye, the ecstatic mountain is revealed.
On mount meru, on mount meru.
Shiva and Parvati, the divine lovers,
sit in self-created paradise.
Their full moon never sets.
Lower down the mountain,
fires of passion begin to melt the icy slopes.
A white goddess unfurls her golden wings.
Offering blooms of hibiscus and orchid.
Her wind-swept yoni face turns towards
the erotic focus of her heart's desires.
To scale those mountain heights.
To scale those mountain heights.
Three dark goddesses cluster around the lingam,
symbol of Shiva, the supreme yogi.
Their purpose as yet unrevealed,
suggests both reverence and expectancy.
On mount meru, on mount meru.
(lyrics by Nick Douglas)