From the recording Three in One and One in Three


Foul is the robber's stronghold, filled with hate (x2) Thief strangling thief, and mate at war with mate. Fronting wild raiders, all forlorn to fate (x2). There is nor health nor happiness therein. Manhood is cowardess, and virtue sin (x2). Intolerable blackness hems it in. Not hells heart has so noxious a shade, Yet harmless, and unharmed, and undismayed, Pines in her prison, an unsullied maid. Penned by the master Mage to his desire, She baffles his seductions and his ire. Praying god's all annihilating fire. The lord of hosts gave ear unto her song. The lord of hosts waxed wrathful at her wrong. He loosed the hound of heaven from it's throng. Violent and vivid smote the levin flash, Once the tower rocked and cracked beneath its lash. Caught inextinguishable fire, was ash. But that same fire that quelled the robber's strife, And struck each being out of lust and life, Left the mild maiden a rejoicing wife.
(Lyrics by Alister Crowley)